Practice Days at Camberley Kart Club

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For the avoidance of doubt, Camberley Kart Club is an Owner/Driver club with no means of hiring karts for the day. A number of teams do operate at the club during practice days and some offer driver training and kart use for a fee. If you do not own a kart then feel free to attend on a practice day with a view to meeting with a team to discuss options.

During the summer months (May – October) the track is only open on the second Saturday for owner driver practice. During the winter months (November – April) the fourth Saturday of each month is reserved for race meetings for which a kart race licence is required. Some Saturdays are available for owner driver practice however the dates need to be checked on the club calendar before attending as volunteer officials commitments do not allow every Saturday to be used. PLEASE do check the calendar regularly to avoid disappointment!

On practice days the circuit opens at 08:00am with signing on from approx 08:30 am. The first session starts at 10:00am following a drivers briefing which takes place at 9.45am.

Sessions are typically between 7 and 10 minutes long depending upon number of entrants and the variety of kart classes attending on the day.

On a typical practice day you can expect the following cycle of class sessions:-

  • Bambino
  • Under 8’s
  • Cadet ( e.g. Comer, Iame, Honda)
  • Junior (e.g. Rotax MiniMax, Rotax Junior Max, Junior TKM)
  • Senior (e.g. Rotax Max, Rotax Max 177, Senior TKM)
  • Gearbox (125, 250)

Each class group may be split into novice and experienced on the day depending upon numbers and level of experience, his will be determined by the gate marshal who is responsible for running the practice day. (Other classes may be accommodated but will typically run with one of the groups above unless weight or power dictates a separate session for safety reasons. (If in doubt about eligibility please contact the club beforehand to avoid disappointment – details below)

On practice Saturdays anyone may use the track who is a Camberley Kart Club member, if you are not a member it is possible to become a day member.

Drivers must be equipped with a suitable helmet, goggles or visor, and gloves. On these days stout ‘anti-abrasive’ clothing is sufficient, but on race days either a leather suit or an approved Karting suit is necessary.

The Club also strongly recommend the use of neck braces on both race and practice days. This is felt to be particularly important for our younger drivers.

Ambulance support is provided on both practice and race days.

Participating drivers pay fees to Camberley Kart Club for both practice days and race meetings.

Practice Day Fees
Member £50 (Half day £30)
Non-Member £60 (Half day £40)
Additional driver fee £10
Registered drivers may only use a registered kart in a single session per cycle of sessions, there is no re-use of a registered kart with an additional driver within a single cycle of class sessions.
[Note: A half day is from 13:00 to the end of the day.]
Race Day Fees
Member £60
Non-Member £70
Payment on the day is via cash, cheque or by credit card (note credit card admin fees apply).

For any practice day queries please contact us :

By e-mail: