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Last Updated: Monday, January 1st 2024 at 4:19 PM

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Online payments are quick, safe and secure using PayPal, credit or debit cards. NOTE: As Paypal charge us a fee, this is being passed on, so all payments via Paypal will include the administration fee.

2024 Pit Space Reservation

Enter your preferred pit space choice by using the numbers shown on the pit space map on the web site. Please provide a first and second choice. Every attempt will be made to grant spaces as requested however as this is an ever changing picture with requests being received both on-line and via the office it may not always be possible.

Pit spaces for 2024 may be reserved for race day use at £90 (£92.26 via PayPal) Payment may be made on-line using PayPal or credit card. A separate pit space map and booking form may be downloaded for review.
Once completed it should be handed in to the office or emailed so that on-line payments may be matched to the reservation and the map updated.
If you have had a reserved spaces in 2023 then you have first refusal on using the same spaces for 2024.
A quick link to the pit space allocation map and form is below
Download Form
Please email any completed forms to pitspaces@camberleykartclub.com

1st Preference
2nd Preference