ARKS Tests at Camberley Kart Club

Last Updated: Monday, January 1st 2024 at 4:13 PM

ARKS have agreed to reduce the cost of the ARKS Novice Driver test to help newcomers into karting.  Motorsport UK have reduced the cost of the Go Karting pack to £60.  It includes the cost of the first licence and if needed for an under 18 year old, the first PG Entrant licence for the parent or guardian.

A.R.K.S. Test Examiners

Lee Cobb Mike Carr


  1. Apply for a “go karting” starter pack obtained from Motorsport UK, priced £59.00 (As of June 2021. Price subject to change without notice)
    Starter Pack
  2. Continue practising, honing your skills until you can lap Blackbushe in approximately 110% of a race lap time. If you are a cadet, 100cc, 125 Rotax Max that is a time, on a dry circuit, of approximately 30 – 32 seconds. ( Gearbox should be approximately 23 – 25 seconds)
  3. You are now lapping consistently in a good time. You have watched the video supplied in your starter pack, you know your flags, and are ready to move on to attaining your novice race licence.
  4. Contact an ARKS examiner. At CKC ARKS tests are normally carried out on the second Saturday of each month.
  5. If you book the test with us the plan is you turn up as on a normal practice day. Sign on and pay nothing – tell them you are an ARKS pupil. The ARKS test starts at 11 a.m. So irrespective of the class that you are driving in you should have one session to make sure the kart is prepared and running well.
  6. 11 a.m. We meet in the signing on hut. The examiner will explain about the use of flags, the need for overalls, helmets etc and the general procedures applicable at kart tracks. We then watch the video yet again. The first part of the test is a multiple choice section – tick the right box. You must achieve at least 18 correct answers out of 20 questions. You will also be asked to correctly identify a selection of the flags used in karting. If you have watched the video and listened to the examiners introduction you will have no problems with this.
  7. You now take to the track in your relevant class where your driving standard is assessed. If you can consistently lap within the 110% time, you are aware of other drivers on the circuit, you don’t fly off into the undergrowth every other lap, then the ARKS examiner will be suitably impressed, sign and stamp your licence application form, found in your starter pack. You then send the form to the MSA with a further nominal fee for your race licence and that’s it! You are ready to race as a novice.
  8. You will need to successfully complete five race events and obtain signatures on your licence at each event to allow update of your novice race licence to a full race licence.

If you are under 18 years old you do not need a medical unless a medical condition exists.
From 18 – (until you have had enough) you must provide a self assessment relating to medical conditions unless a medical condition exists.

Your licence application form has a medical section on it, read carefully to determine if you can self assess or need a medical test. If you need a medical you will need to see a doctor, the main test criteria being colour blindness test, eyesight test, urine test and blood pressure test. The doctor will usually make a charge for this.

To obtain further information email

To speak directly with an ARKS examiner call Lee Cobb on 07947 422099 or Mike Carr on 07502 359670.

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